The Importance of a Motorcycle Safety Training for a Rider

motorcycle accidents

In 2012, the number of motorcycle accidents that happened in California, as well as other states the US has significantly went up. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) 2012 Motor Vehicle Crashers report, there were 4,957 motorcyclists that died, 7.9 percent higher than 2011’s 4,630 fatalities. The number of those who got injured also made a 15 percent increase in 2012 at 93,000 from just 81,000 in 2011. California’s state government, through the initiative of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is pushing its newly improved January 2014 edition of its Motorcycle Safety Training to provide instruction and skills needed for the safe operation of motorcycles. How do this work and how can it help save motorcyclist from injuries, deaths and motorcycle injuries?

What is this Course About?

Co-sponsored by the California Highway Patrol and the Imperial Valley College, this Motorcycle Safety Riding course aims to provide the instruction as well as the skill set needed for the sage operation of motorcycles. The program is open to everybody aged 16 and up. The course is held three times a week at the Imperial Valley College grounds as well as the Pioneer Museum Parking Lot, which are perfect for test rides.

How can this Program be of Help?

Riding a motorcycle can really be fun. However, because of its small size, the great amounts of power, and the need to balance somehow makes it a little bit more complicated and harder to ride. Add a rider’s ignorance about bikes and the results could be catastrophic. That is why it is critical for a rider to try and undergo such programs so that they’re riding skills and IQ can be improved. With a scientific approach to riding, riders will have a better idea not just how to properly rides a bike but also instill very important values in the use and riding of a bike. This will help the government in addressing this very important aspect of riding.

How cans a Rider Contribute to Road Safety?

Given that bikes are prone to accidents, having a rider that fully understands the concept of road safety and know his responsibilities on the road can make that difference between a good rider and another case of a motor vehicle crash. That is why; all riders must be made aware of their responsibilities on the road to prevent future accidents from happening. By having better riders on the road, the probability of having an accident in California involving motorcycle will be relatively low.

There are times though when accidents do happen that is out of the control of the rider. When a motorcycle accident happens, it is nice to have the guidance of a specialized attorney, so that the victim can file the necessary charges to claim the damages he or she needs to pay for the medication and treatment of his or her injuries and take care of the losses as well as the pain and suffering that one gets through because of a horrifying accident. In the end, being the person controlling the bike, you must remember to do anything and everything you can to avoid being a part of the statistics.


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