When Employees Fall to Workplace Injuries

workplace injury

In 2012, about 775 or 19.6 percent of the total 3,945 worker deaths in private industries came from the construction industry. Since this industry is one of the fastest growing ones in the country, it is worth taking a good look at the workplace accidents in the world of construction.

Top 10 OSHA Standards Violated

The OSHA implements various standards that help ensure the safety of employees in a particular workplace. Companies must comply with these standards else, they would be dealt with penalties and sanctions. But in spite of the great dangers in the construction world and the strict implementation of such standards, the following aspects of construction are still neglected:

  • Failure to provide the proper fall protection
  • Violations of the Hazard communication standard
  • Failure to follow general requirements in the construction of scaffolding
  • Failure of the company to provide respiratory protection for high-risk employees
  • Problems with wiring methods and other electrical components and equipment.
  • Improper use of ladders
  • Failure to control hazardous energy
  • Problems with the design of electrical systems
  • Failure to guard the machinery and its use.

Construction Industry’s “Fatal Four”

Because of the violations done by construction firms, a lot of people have been falling victims to accidents in the workplace. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) office of the US Department of Labor, there are four most common causes of workplace accidents and deaths. These are:

  • Falls. For 2012 alone, 278 or one-thirds out of the 775 recorded fatalities in construction sites were caused by falls.
  • Struck by an object. 78 or 10 percent of the total construction industry deaths were caused by accidents where the worker was hit by an object. This could be caused by objects falling or out of control equipment that causes things to hit, injure, and even kill people in the workplace.
  • Electrocutions. Given that employees in the construction industry tinkers and uses electronic equipment, there is also a probability of electrocution. In fact, it has caused 66 deaths or 9 percent of the total construction fatalities in 2012.
  • Caught-in/between. In the same report, 13 or 2 percent of the construction industry workforce deaths were caused by accidents where some of them get caught in-between equipment and other things used in the workplace.

As an employee in the construction injury, it is your duty to know and understand these rules implemented by the OSHA. If you end up being a victim of one, it pays to have a work injury attorney.

Imagine the great knowledge and experience of a personal injury law lawyer helping you get the things you need to file a case against your employer. By filing a claim, you’d get the compensation that you will need as you recover from such life-threatening injuries. Given the importance of winning, you need to hire the best personal injury lawyer in California so they could properly represent you and your claims. Moreover, you could have your bosses held liable for your injuries so that there would be no more injuries or deaths because of their failure to comply with OSHA standards.


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